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How often do you search on the Web for health information to clarify your doubts in a simple and fast way?

Pleasure, GoodMorningDoctor!

If when you have a sudden headache, a little pain or simply when you have some doubts about your state of health seek health information on the web, now GoodMorningDoctor comes to you!
GoodMorningDoctor is the first web platform to provide medical health information in an easy and fast way. With a staff of selected and up to date doctors, you will through a guided tour, view videos you are interested in getting the right answers to your questions in a clear and professional way.

Video courses for all

The courses of GoodMorningDoctor are divided into short videos viewable from any mobile device. Each video course lasts a few minutes, just the time to explore topics of interest or avoiding theoretical digression or notional analysis. Through a simple and familiar language specialized doctors are at your service to explain lesson by lesson, all you want to know about your health.

What do you want to learn today?

Are you curious to learn the techniques of first aid? Are you struggling with your first contact lenses and do not know how to use them? Do you need to clarify all your doubts about your first pregnancy? See section courses on GoodMorningDoctor or use the integrated search engine to find quickly the answers you need. Each week you can also find new courses created according to the requests of the community.

Follow, learn and share

After following a video course you can certify the learning by sharing your progress with the whole community by posting on your personal Facebook page the referring link to the new topics learned.

Show your achievements

GoodMorningDoctor monitors your training to proudly share with the whole community your progress. When you complete the display of a video course, in fact GoodMorningDoctor provides to assign you a specific badge of frequency. The badges collected are automatically displayed on the page of your personal profile, stating publicly the achievements.

A competent community

Each course of GoodMorningDoctor is associated with a specific section Questions and Answers (Q&A) ) in which you can ask for appropriate information and clarification. You will be answered by selected doctors of GoodMorningDoctor and other users who, through their journey, can share with you the new experiences. Who will help answering the questions of others, will have the opportunity to gain prestige and visibility with a voting system of the “best answer”.

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